Meditation Format

Combining the techniques learn’t so far, with a couple of new ones, to create an effective meditation practice.

1. Breathing and progressive relaxation practice to relax. Relax your body while breathing deeply (3 minutes). Continue the deep and slow breathing throughout your practice. Countdown from 10-1 with the suggestion to relax deeply. Make sure you’ve mastered these basics:

Basic Breathing Exercise

Progressive Relaxation

Basic Breathing Meditation

2. Practice visualizations to relax and refresh your mind and body for 5-7 minutes. Check out the related exercise on the visualization page. Here are some visualizations you can use in your meditation sessions to relax, feel good and re-energize your mind and body:

Golden Bubble Breathing Visualization: Imagine you are sitting in a golden bubble of pure, light and healing energy. Imagine something that makes you smile and allow the smile to spread through your body. Breathe in this energy with slow deep breaths and luxuriate in it. Great to open or close a meditation session with.

Nature Meditation: Imagine light from the sun all around you and entering the top of your head and flowing down through your body and exiting your feet, into the earth… all the way to the center of the earth. Pull energy from the center of the earth through your feet and out of your head. Fill your body with energy from the sun on inhale and feel your cells absorb the suns energy as you exhale. Then inhale energy straight from the center of the earth, into your body and exhale while feeling it absorb into your body. You can modify the technique by imagining roots from your feet deep into the earth. Enjoy the breathing and visualizations for as long as you like.

3. Count up from 1-5 with the suggestion that you will be fully awake and refreshed by the time you reach 5.

That’s it. You have a basic meditation practice format. Use the meditation audios with binaural beats to reach deep meditative states quickly. You can shave months of your training time if you use the audios to deepen you states as you practice. Remember to follow the above format in each meditation till it becomes second nature to you as it will increase its effectiveness and your ability to relax deeply into a meditative state quickly.

Practice meditation 5-10 minutes, 1-2 times a day to experience the benefits of regular meditation.